Dell Inspiron 15r DC Jack

Dell Inspiron 15r dc jack

Dell Inspiron 15r dc jack

With the Dell Inspiron 15r dc jack, you could easily connect your headphones or any other dc compatible device to your laptop.

The audio can be routed through stereo output, but this does not mean that only Dell Inspiron 15r dc jack has the capability of doing this.

The dc jack that comes as original from the company runs on the UHF application, so we need to ensure that we get the same every time you install it in order to replace the buggy dc jack.

The High quality DC power jack has a center pin of 1.65mm, and is of type ‘female’. The model number however varies depending on the area of manufacturing. Black is the color that is readily available.

The Dell Inspiron 15r dc jack enables easy access, when it comes to connecting hardware, nevertheless, the fact that any dc jack would do it for you, if you do not look going after the brand.

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