Dell Inspiron 15r Configuration in India

Dell Inspiron 15r configuration india

Dell Inspiron 15r configuration india

Dell Inspiron 15r configuration in India is more or less same as per the standards followed internationally, except when it differs in color availability.

There is the same processor & the same RAM with variant selection. Even the random hardware upgrade option in India is similar, as what we see in the US market.

Dell Inspiron 15r configuration in India includes a 3GB DDR2 RAM of clock spped 800MHz and an Intel Pentium Dual-Core T4200 2.00GHz Processor – with these specifications the laptop just rocks.

The attraction of the laptop is the processor’s 1MB L2 cache with 800MHz FSB. However, in India the customizable options are quite a few and the service is just too satisfactory; as the company is already seen imposing service charges on its customers.

There are open possibilities in the future for all those willing to customize battery changes. And of course, a way forward to upgrade a little to the existing Inspiron models, Dell Inspiron 15r configuration makes a good place for itself in the Indian market.

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