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Dell Inspiron 15r Docking Station

Dell Inspiron 15r docking station is an essential part of the Inspiron kit, which rather completes the total need of avoiding inconvenience. Whether you talk about connecting multiple ports to your laptop, or power cord, or an

Dell Inspiron 15r DC Jack

With the Dell Inspiron 15r dc jack, you could easily connect your headphones or any other dc compatible device to your laptop. The audio can be routed through stereo output, but this does not mean that only

Dell Inspiron 15r Battery Life – How good is its Battery Backup ?

Dell Inspiron 15r battery life has proven to be one of the promising and appreciable aspects the company has come up with. Dell Inspiron 15r battery life has been surprisingly good as far as its backup is concerned. Moreover,

Dell Inspiron 15r Built in Microphone

Dell Inspiron 15r built in microphone has been quite a better integrated entity, attached to the laptop internally, for ease and convenience. This lets you connect to your friends and family anytime, you don’t have to connect

Dell Inspiron 15r Touchpad Enable or Disable Function

Dell Inspiron 15r touchpad enable function can be controlled either through software debugging or hardware changes. This feature of enabling and disabling is quite helpful especially when you accidentally leave your laptop before your kid. This acts

Dell Inspiron 15r Heating Problem

Dell Inspiron 15r heating problem is not new issue to discuss, as had already been several complaints from the customers about it. Even though Intel claims that processors not heat up much, it seems to be quite

How much does the Dell Inspiron 15r weigh?

How much does the Dell Inspiron 15r weigh? Well, this concern makes sense to you, only if you are a frequent traveler, who are bond carrying laptop all the time. Most of the laptops today, weigh less